Q: What is the tl;dr (short version) of Elysium?
A: We are consultants in healthcare services, health-tech and IT solutions.

Q: What is Skylab?

A: We go beyond improvement of health and focus on performance. The competitive environment in business and personal life always set the bar higher for every task you can reach. Contrary to popular belief, peak performance is more about peak recovery and regeneration rather than suffering. Skylab is our flagship and provides a package of solutions at your place. We arrive at your place and set up our gear to start measuring your employees. It takes ~5 minutes per employee so there is minimum interruption from work.

Q: Can Skylab benefit me?
A: Yes, definitely! Whether you are sedentary and overweight or an olympic champion — We have worked with each end of the spectrum. How you look and feel does not translate to how healthy you are. Just like dogs, health comes in many sizes within a quite broad range.

Q: How can Skylab benefit my workplace and employees?

1. Improved health: Increasing life expectancy and pension age calls for a healthy workplace. Retain talent at your company by showing that you care about their health.

2. Improved performance: Mental clarity and cognitive speed provides your employees with the edge. Taking the right decisions at the right time means profit for you.

3. Attract real talent: The upcoming Generation Z focus much more on their health so be sure to attract the best talent with Skylab behind your back.

Q: Ok, I have booked Skylab. How should I prepare for it?

A: Skylab requires no special preparation, and we encourage you to follow your normal routine for the most accurate results. However, there a few things that we want to point out:

The day before Skylab: You should not exercise vigorously and eat or drink excessively. Please inform Skylab personnel if you are feeling sick or are anxious about any of the procedures. If you are in a state of mental or physical distress, this can influence the values and give inaccurate results.

On the day of Skylab: We call out your name, explain the procedures to you and begin measuring. We encourage not to ask about your results as you may risk disclosing some unwanted information about you. Your results will be available immediately online after you have completed the PSI survey. A link to the PSI survey will be send to you after your visit. If you do not receive a link to the survey, then please contact us.

The days after Skylab: You can view the results on your members page and try out our other features. Please read the instructions to get the maximum value out of your results, as some medical terms may be new to you. Depending on your choice then there might be comments from Skylab personnel, phone calls and/or other follow-up features. There will be a record of any follow-ups on your profile. 

Q: How accurate are your calculations?
A: Although we provide you with personal insights they are based on observations of whole populations. We make use of three basic implementations to obtain results:

1. Background information: Life expectancy and mortality is gathered from Worldometer, United Nations and OurWorldInData. These data are matched to your country and sex.

2. Personalize: We move from population-level to you as a person by using the values and measurements from you (poll, blood samples, metrics, etc). We back this up with articles from pubmed.

3. Some Zen: This is where our medical expertise come into play. We pull from our network, observations, experiences and feedback from previous cases to help guide us the last mile.

Q: Is health not just about eating healthy and exercise regularly?

A: Yes, if you live in a cave. Diet and exercise is only part of the equation. Modern lifestyles require so much more serious recovery for you to perform when necessary.

Q: How will my information (personal data, blood samples and values) be handled by Skylab?
A: Your data will be anonymized and stored in 256-bit encrypted databases that meet the highest standards of ISO/PCI security. Your data will not be shared with any third parties (academic institutions, employers, insurance companies, family, friends, etc.) without being anonymized and aggregated. Elysium is in close collaboration with Google and Wix for our algorithms to work, but we live up to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework for transmission of information. You are free to delete your account at any time and doing so will permanently and irreversibly delete every piece of data we have of you on all servers. Note that your account will automatically be deleted after two years of inactivity starting from the date of last login. All blood samples are immediately discarded after analysis, and likewise, excess biological materials are discarded immediately. We encourage you to read the full consent document on Terms and Conditions.

Elysium is fully compliant with the GDPR, the EU's new data protection law.

Q: Give me the technical stuff on how Skylab works
A: Skylab triangulates your Personal Information, Skylab data and country demographics into insights.
Skylab gathers all our measurements: Polls, anthropometrics and blood values from a single finger prick. These are uploaded to Google Cloud and stored in two cognitive networks: Grakn and Neo4j. From these databases we use a customized Tensorflow program in Python to feed our neural network.

20% of our data is used for testing validation while the remaining 80% is used for training. Training application is both supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms: Cost functions, gradient descent and kernels to find clusters. At the same time, we have MD-PhDs search through Pubmed to find relevant articles on what we measure.

Our unsupervised machine learning provides the necessary tools for anomaly detection to forecast the risk of future diseases and how much power each intervention is expected to mitigate these risks. Finally, all this is combined to a final report for you at our website.

Q: What kind of people do I find at Elysium?
A: Elysium is a unique place where we help each other towards a world without unnecessary suffering. Although, we are a diverse tribe you might find people a bit introvert, calm and quiet but knows how to have fun — Just think back on the nerd in your class that got a sip of alcohol. Therefore, Elysium has three distinctive features that makes us stand out:

1. No corporate BS: We do not engage in workplace politics nor strict hierarchy.

2. No pseudo-work: Finished work at 1 PM? Go home. Do not stay to impress or prove yourself to anyone. We are not in the 80s anymore — Punch cards are out.

3. No buzzwords: Not throwing around fluffy words unless you understand the true value of it.

Q: I want to join Elysium. Where do I sign up?

A: We are currently not recruiting for our core team as our policy has always been to find talent and not let talent find us. However, there are some minimum requirements:

1. Masters degree or PhD (preferred) in STEM.

2. Run a 5K on the track in under 20:00 minutes.

3. Do 35 burpees in under 2:00 minutes right after the 5K test.

4. Proficiency in Python and Javascript.

5. Maintain a low and humble profile.

Along these requirements we also do test for IQ, EQ, simultaneous capacity and semantics. Expect the journey to take 3–6 months with a final 7-day event. Each candidate is expected to give their maximum efforts at all times and only the best will be extended an offer.



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