01 / AGILE

We come to your place with our mobile lab and tech. The setup requires a 2x2 m space and takes only 10 minutes. Examinations take 5 minutes per person, and results will be available online immediately upon completion.


We take pride in measuring only what matters for your health and performance. Your whole metabolic body and mental state are examined by a short poll, some metrics and a single finger prick. No pain. No sweat. No hassle.


Our back-end analytics team of MDs and PhDs work hard to deliver personal insights. It is on your level and easy to understand so you will know exactly what to do. Leave research to us —  No more second-guessing about your health.

Prismatic insights

We use state-of-the-art technology to give you personal insights: ELISA for HbA1c and hsCRP obtained from your blood sample, lasers to measure your body, bioelectrical impedance to assess muscle/fat composition and photodiodes to determine oxygen saturation of your blood.

Solid-state laser

Blood samples are taken by an Nd:YAG laser with surgical precision. This means no needles, minimal discomfort, more sterile conditions and faster healing without scar tissue. 

Warp speed

See your results within seconds after completing our survey. Our algorithms are both fast and accurate, while our website quickly delivers your insights.

HealthAI algorithm: NOLA
Reclaim | Age healthy | Live strong
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1a. Max. capacity is 40 people/day distributed  between 10:00 – 14:30 with a 30 min break

1b. Book for min. 20 people/day or an additional fee will be charged

1c. Avoid gaps between time slots to make Skylab run more efficient (start@10:00 AM)



01 / Integrated

Everything under one umbrella and across all platforms. Sigma offers the ultimative solution to follow your patients from craddle to grave. The language-agnostic nature of Sigma makes it capable of talking freely with other systems.

02 / Safe

All data is secured by 256-bit SSL and databases are protected by 256-bit encryption. Connections are via VPN tunnels. An stronghold so impenetrable that it would take traditional computers 6.4 quadrillion years to hack your systems.

03 / Intuitive

Sigma is displayed by a user-friendly interface. The design is so simple and intuitive that you would not even notice it — It becomes second nature to you. We made sure that even your grandma or teenager knows how to use it. Just plug, play, drag & drop.

Natural | Secure | Streamlined


01 / NGO

Samsara started in 2020 during the coranavirus crisis. We support freedom of speech and provide aid for frontline health workers. Besides being in the frontline we also make sure our tech and approach is sustainable for the planet.

02 / Unite

Our data is carefully anonymized and shared to the public. It is time for people to unite. Researchers should break down silos and not be afraid to speak up while the media should not spread fake news or unnecessary fear.

03 / For all humanity

Health is the foundation of a happy life and everyone deserves to be healthy. People have an instrinsic motivation to be altruistic and solidary but we may not always notice it. Samsara aims to reveal the good sides of human beings.

Coding monks | Sustainable tech | AI savior

Tel: 0045 27428164
Emergency: 0045 27428164

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